Who We Are

Who We Are

At Foundry Church, we are a groups-based, Jesus shaped, missional church. Our mission is to lead people to live and love like Jesus!

We lead people to live and love like Jesus
It’s why we exist, and it’s what we do.


  • Sunday Experiences. Our weekly gathering time takes place each week on Sunday mornings at 10am and 11:15am. Join us this Sunday!
  • Foundry Groups. You were made for community. Foundry Groups are 6-12 people who hang out, have fun, talk about the Bible, and build deep friendships. Learn more about Foundry Groups.
  • Growth Track. Growth Track is a four step process where you can discover how grow in your faith and discover your purpose. Learn more about Growth Track.
  • Team Foundry. You were made to make a difference in this world. Team Foundry is how lots of people are making a difference at Foundry and around the Jackson-Metro area.


In 2009, God placed the vision for Foundry Church in the heart of pastor, Elijah Friedeman. Almost a decade later, in 2017, a team formed around that vision to start a church in Flowood, MS.

Foundry Church launched on April 1, 2018. Since then we have been growing and serving the Flowood community and beyond. We want to connect with people who don’t feel like “church” people. We hope you’ll join us this Sunday!


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