Foundry Groups

Life Together Changes Lives.

You were created for community. Foundry Groups are one of the best ways to build community with people who value you and will help you follow God.

How Foundry Groups Work

Groups are 6-12 people who gather together for community and spiritual growth. Groups meet each week at a set time and place. Some groups meet at public spaces like coffee shops, and some Groups meet in people’s homes. The best part about the Groups is the people you’ll meet and the relationships you’ll build.

Each group will meet for three months, then take an off-month. Every 3 months, new groups will be starting. So if you commit to a group, it won’t be for life–just for a couple months.

What To Expect

Every group is a little different, but most groups have these three things in common: friends, the Bible, and great conversation. (Most Groups have food or coffee, too!)

Foundry Group friends are the best kind of friends. Foundry Groups are 6-12 regular people helping each other follow God. Some of your closest relationships in life will be the people you are in a Foundry Group with.

Along the way, you’ll have great conversation and a lot of fun. You’ll talk about the Bible, about what’s going on in life, about your pet peeves, about your passions. You’ll build some solid relationships.

Every group will discuss the Bible in some way. Some Groups talk about the message from Sunday, some Groups cover a book of the Bible, some groups do video series. But every Group will talk about God and how to apply what He teaches us.

Find Your Fit in a Group!

You need community, and there's a community that needs you.